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    Thick film heating element
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Introduction of thick film heating element
Thick film heater is a new technical art which is use screen printing technology and new thick film material. It is printed with isolation dielectric , heating element and glass prevent on a substrate that is made by stainless steel or ceramics, and through drying firing process with 800°C. Thick film heater has become a new type of heater.
The prospect of application in the field of thick film heater is very wide because of its advantages such as high speedy heating. These products not only economize on much energy, but also use unpolluted energy. It doesn’t pollute the environment, and the used products can be recycled, so thick film heater has become a heater that can protect the environment, and save the energy.
The followings are the advantages of thick film heater:
1. High power density:
The power density of thick elements is generally 40-60W/cm2, and if it is forced to cool, the power density even runs up to 200W/cm2; this value is closely 10 times of the value of domestic heater which made of alloy.
The great of power density also means that it has smaller size than other heaters that provide the same power, and it can switch on in low voltage.
2. Fast temperature response:
Thick Film Heating Elements start very fast, and the heating rate on the surface of resistance coating can reach 200 to 300 ° C / s, which is electro thermal alloy components can not achieve.
This advantage makes thick film components can be used in electric high heating apparatus, such as electric heaters, electric water heaters, and so on. As an example to the water heater, burning 1 cup 250 ML water only need 20 seconds, significantly faster than traditional heaters.
3. The high mechanical strength, anti-vibration, and the resistance of thermal shock:
Thick Film Heating Elements will not have brittle substance when they are in high temperature, but alloy electric material does. Besides, the coating of thick film heating elements combine with stainless steel substrate, and the power of bond is strong, so that they can resist mechanical and thermal shock. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about deformation and collapse because of the improper hold, installation or their own weight.
4. Compact contour and structure, controllable heating temperature:
Electric components are flat and the shape of size is thin, and also installed easily. It works with thermostat and the situation of components is stabile. The lifetime can be used at 100,000 times and above.
They can direct wilding on stainless steel plate, and is easy to install. Furthermore, they provide laser-welding technology, and it is safe and stable to connecting devices.
So you can design any resistance you like, and it can control the temperature according to heating (average temperature or common temperature). Besides, the blind spot of heating would not exist. 
5. Long lifetime:
Traditional electric components of alloy often oxidize and its life is generally not more than 3000 hours; the life of Thick Film Heating Elements are up to 10,000 hours above.
6. Energy-saving.
Thermal efficiency runs up to 70-95% base on different modes (direct or indirect heating): When directly heating and burning 1 cup 250 ML water only needs 20 seconds, and the costing time is much faster than traditional heaters.
7. Environmental protection.
There are not toxic components and heavy metal ions in the material of Thick Film Heating Elements.
8. Safety.
Effect of insulation is strong. The classical design of Hi-pot is 1500V; the maximum runs up to 2500V.
9. The techniques of producing products is mature, and thermal efficiency can reach 96 percent and above.
The following diagram shows the structure of the thick film heaing element:
It's advanced products
The thick film heater uses new techniques and mature technology, and it is the best substitute for traditional heaters. The following is the comparison of thick film heating element and traditional electric heating wires. 
Comparison EAF-fried hot technology Thick film heating plate
Volume Bulky Small, light and beautiful shape
Thermal efficiency Indirect heating, low thermal efficiency Immersing and directly heating, heating fast, high thermal efficiency
Sanitation Repeated heating and difficult to clean, unsanitary Heating fast, easy to cleaning, sanitary
Safety The wires of heating broken easily, electric arc occurs easily when switching Covered by special media, heating line can be design exclusively, no leakage
Life time Heating wire easily broken, lifetime is only about 1 year The plate of heating carrier, lifetime up to 5-10 years
The areas of thick film heating element application
These products are widely used in heating appliance category: electric heating kettle, electric iron, electric rice cookers, etc. With the increasing of needs of small appliances in international market, the technical level of small electric appliances has been developing. New thick film heater has become the first choice to replace the traditional appliances because of its low efficiency, low reliability, and short life of the heater.
Most such products currently are applied to electric heating kettle. Boiling 1 liter of water only takes less than two minutes. It can provide fresh and sanitary water at any moment. Compared with the drinking fountains, electric heating kettle is more sanitation, safer, and faster. Beside, it provides drinking water for lots of people, and the temperature can be controlled; burning temperature can be set according to different optimal temperature, such as tea or coffee. It can meet all of users’ requirements.
Moreover, these products can be used directly on heating plate which connecting with electronic components, and the external circuit was designed in the substrate. These designsfully utilize the full space of substrate, and reduce the external cost. The space is reduced, so it can develop small household electrical appliances and equipment. typical appication as below:
  1. High efficiency heating module in household  application.
  2. Electrical heating element.
  3. IC warn up heating module.
  4. Electrical device heating module in automotive.
  5. Food processor equipment.
We accept any customer design.