2017 Midas staff travel in Thailand (Bangkok + Hua Hin)


 Blue sea,beauty beach,Coconut trees ... holiday heaven, Thailand.

The Ancient City

Hua Hin century train station

Thai sea food

Thai fruit (rambutan)

Happy time ...

 2017 Midas staff travel in Thailand (MP4) ^_^

 One of little story in Midas :

She, 16 years old to join Midas, time flies really fast, and now has the age of retirement, after the annual tour, she officially applied for retirement ...
The company has a lot of colleagues are the same with her, very young when they entered the company, 20 years more have passed.
Our manufacturing quality is quite stable, our production technology continues to improve, this group of hard-working colleagues play an important role.
On behalf of the company thank you for your contribution.